Create VM and Configure Availability Set in New Azure Portal

I.     Create First VM:

1.       In order to have Availability set on azure, minimum we have to configure two VM. Create the first VM by clicking green plus Icon in the top left corner, chose Compute > Windows Server 2012 R2


2.       Enter the VM name, Username, and Password


3.       Chose South East Asia, or the datacenter region nearest you


4.       Configure the endpoint services that need to be joined in availability set, this time we set HTTP on port 80


5.       After that we create new Availability Set


6.       Review all the configuration that we input on the panel, and then click create


7.       We can check the new VM on the VM page


II.      Create and configure the second VM

1.       Click the green Plus icon, choose Compute > Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter


2.       Input the VM name, Username, and Password, also make sure the VM created is in the same Resources Group as first VM


3.       Create the endpoint that need to join the Availability Set, this time we set HTTP on Port 80


4.       After that joined the second VM on existing Availability Set


5.       Review all the configuration we entered, and then click create to create the second VM

AvailabilitySet12 6.       We can see the proses in the picture


7.       When the proses is finished, the new VM showed in the VM Page


8.       Check the Avalability Set on VM Seeting to make sure the new VM is joined with Existing Avalability Set


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