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Glisten is a free HTML/CSS website template. The great thing about this template is that you don't have to have a link back to my site - it's unbranded, for free. You may tweak the theme as much as you'd like and use it for any purpose.

This template makes great use of the CSS @font-family attribute. I wanted to use the Myriad Pro font on this template, but most people don't have that font on their computer. The solution: font embedding. With the help of's @font-face generator, anyone who comes to a website that uses the Glisten template will see Myriad Pro even if it's not actually installed on their computer.

Another neat thing about Glisten is its use of box shadows. The CSS3 box-shadow property allows us to add a drop shadow to any element such as a <div> section. However, IE9 is the first version of Internet Explorer to be able to use the box-shadow property. So anyone using IE8 or older will just see a faint border.

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Banner: 800 x 200 pixels


Column 1, Row 1 Column 2, Row 1 Column 3, Row 1
Column 1, Row 2 Column 2, Row 2 Column 3, Row 2
Column 1, Row 3 Column 2, Row 3 Column 3, Row 3
Column 1, Row 4 Column 2, Row 4 Column 3, Row 4


<div><p>This is a code box.</p></div>


"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec purus tortor, adipiscing sed vehicula ut, condimentum in arcu. Fusce hendrerit massa non velit dictum a laoreet felis consectetur."

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